Utermöhlen - Since 1880

Utermöhlen has been a recognized and leading brand in professional wound care for many years. The range is intended for businesses and governmental institutions and consists of first-aid kits and bags, first-aid sets, first-aid and FSFA course sets, FSFA training sets and first-aid accessories such as detectable plasters. All these products are an important addition to any working environment and/or training.


They ensure that companies always have access to the necessary materials in case of accidents or emergencies. A range has been created which consists of a number of branch-specific first-aid kits, as each different branch has different safety requirements. An example is the first-aid kit for businesses subject to HACCP guidelines. Other examples include first-aid kits for day care centres, sports, construction or industry. Furthermore, the (branch-specific) first-aid kits can be expanded with separate modules. Replacing used modules with new modules means that a company’s first-aid kit is always complete and up-to-date.


A cryotherapy (freezing) range of products is launched next to the wound care range. This category includes the Cryo Professional, a cryotherapy product intended for medical professionals to treat and remove warts.